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SmithBux (A New Instant Payout PTC Site) ... HOT

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At SmithBux you get paid just by browsing our sponsor's ads.

The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends.

What you get as a member:

* Earn up to $0.01 (1 Cent) per click.

* Earn up to $0.01 (1 Cent) for every ad your referrals click.

* The minimum payout is $2 and Instantly!.

Isn't it Great Site to Join???

SandraClicks Review

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SandraClicks Review -
SandraClicks launched not too long ago and has built their trust in others pretty fast. The site is completely custom and offers many features, like jackpot for example. This site is very much like Neobux, except for most of the colors.

SandraClicks is part of the new breed of paid to click sites offering instant cashout, referral renting or replacing and much more. SandraCliicks is a well planned out and stable earning script. I doubt this one will go anywhere soon. This program is definitely worth investing in some referrals with.

SandraClicks Ads To Click -
SandraClicks members receive 4-6+ ads per day for standard members. SandraClicks premium members receive 10+ guaranteed ads per day.

SandraClicks Earnings -
SandraClicks members receive $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click for standard. As a premium SandraClicks member you will receive $0.0125 per click and $0.01 per referral click.

SandraClicks Referrals -
SandraClicks referrals can be rented in various amounts. SandraClicks referral renting prices are as follows: 5 referrals $2.00, 10 referrals $10.00, 15 referrals $5.00, 30 referrals $9.00, 50 referrals $15.00 and 100 referrals $30.00 You can also refer your own SandraClicks referrals for free using your referral link once you’re registered. You can recycle any inactive referrals for just $0.05 per referral.

SandraClicks Site Performance / Design -
SandraClicks has a completely custom layout and script, SandraClicks just recently moved to a new dedicated server, which has the site running faster than ever. The overall design of the site is very close to Neobux like mentioned before, but it’s not too overboard.

SandraClicks Support -
SandraClicks offers a top notch support system, including live support from the staff. SandraClicks also has a very active forum.

SandraClicks Payments -
SandraClicks accepts and sends payments by AlertPay. SandraClicks payments are instant cashout, no more business day waiting periods. You must reach a $5.00 minimum before you can cashout.

What makes NeoBux so different from other PTC sites?

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NeoBux offers features rarely seen on other PTC'S

Well, NeoBux offers some great features that most times are missed from other PTC sites like Bux.to for example:

Payments within 48 hours

NeoBux pays its members via Alertpay and Paypal. Normally, payments are handled instantly, although the TOS of NeoBux states a 48 hour maximum time frame from requesting cashouts to receiving your money. Compare this to Bux.to for example, where you have to wait 60 business days as a standard member!

I've personally tested the NeoBux payment system and it worked like a charm. I received my payments within seconds after requesting the money!

2 Dollar minimum payout

When your account balance reaches $2.00, you can make your first cashout request. Most times the minimum payout limit on PTC sites is set to $10.00, a lot of clicks to reach that limit...

So, with NeoBux, you'll get the first bucks way faster than on other sites. But notice, the following cash requests are set at a higher limit. The second one is set to $3.00, the next one at $4.00...until you reach $10.00, where this level isn't changed anymore.

Renting referrals

Instead of buying referrals, you are able to rent them for some days, weeks, month. Although this sounds kind of weird, it makes sense. Usually, when you buy referrals, they will sometimes stop clicking on ads, for example if they get bored from clicking ads day after day. That would mean you'll lose those refs and never see them again. With referral renting that wouldn't be a problem anymore, because you are able to get fresh referrals each time you choose to rent new ones.

You can rent referrals starting from $0.30 per ref if you're a standard member and $0.20 if you're a golden member. This amount depends on the total number of referrals in your downline and is raised by $0.01 for each 250 referrals with a cap set at 1750. E.g. if you have 600 referrals that would mean you have to pay 2x$0.01 more per referral.

You can also turn on the AutoPay feature, where everytime when a ref clicks on its first daily ad a small fee will be deducted from your account balance in order to pay the ref for being another day in your downline. So, you will never "lose" your refs in the long-run. You can even "recycle" a ref if you think he/she doesn't make enough clicks. For $0.08 the referral will be replaced instantly.


NeoBux looks great and it's worth a try!

To sum it up, NeoBux doesn't look like a scammy site. It has a great design and a great live support (including chat and forum). The new features are wonderful compared to the usual PTC site features that are around the net. NeoBux will probaly revolutionize the whole PTC market! So, give it a try, you don't have to lose anything!

What is NeoBux? What can you earn?

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What you can expect from joining NeoBux

So, NeoBux may look like any other PTC site that's around the net today. There are maybe several hundred of such sites, some of them are real good money makers, but most of them are scammy sites that only want your money. But, by looking further into the details, NeoBux looks very professional and has some fresh and nice new features.

As a standard member on NeoBux you will earn at least $0.01 per ad ($0.015 for extended view), the same goes for having a golden mebership, except you'll earn $0.02 for an extended ad view. Compared to other PTC's, this is a common amount of money that is paid for viewing a single ad.

You can also earn from members you have referred to this site. For each referrals ad click, you'll get $0.005. If you have the golden membership, you will earn $0.01 plus 10% of all the purchases made by your refs. Especially those 10% can bring you a decent amount of money. With my 220 referrals I make around $5 from these 10% alone, sometimes over $10 per day! But please notice that you have to click at least 4 ads per day (9 ads as a golden member) in order to receive the full amount of clicks all your referrals do each day!

Let me give you an example of possible earnings. If you have a Golden membership where you click 10 ads a day and you also directly refer 150 active members who only click an average of 3 ads a day:
You win $7.50 per day that translates to $225 per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year! Please note that you also have the chance to rent extra referrals, the above example is only based on your direct referrals!


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Buxout is a brand new PTC site, opened in september 2008. With a unique custom made script it looks very good - owners really put a lot of effort into designing. It has quickly become one of my favorite PTC sites.

Quick facts about Buxout:

  • you get paid $0.01 for each ad you view
  • you get paid $0.005 for each ad your referrals view
  • you can request payout when you reach $5
  • payments are made through Alertpay
  • payments are INSTANT

At Buxout you can purchase premium membership for $85 for 1 year.

Premium membership benefits:

  • you get paid $0.0125 for each ad you view
  • you get paid $0.0125 for each ad your referrals view

Referrals for sale

You can buy 10 referrals for $9.95, 100 referrals are $89.95, which is cheaper than most PTC sites out there.

How they make members to stay active

They use a very interesting concept to keep members active.

The clicks you win from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. The maximum you will receive is twice the clicks per referral on the day after your clicks. So, for example, if on average your referrals click 10 advertisements today you have to had clicked 5 advertisements on the previous day.

Viewing ads

There is on average 5-6 ads daily to click. Hope they get more advertisments soon, but 6 ads daily ain’t too bad either.

When viewing ads, a bar with a timer will apear on top of the screen. After the timer runs out, a bar with numbers will apear and you have to click correct number to get paid, so don’t just close the ad viewing window once the timer is out.

About the payouts

You can request payment once your account balance reaches $5, after that minimum will be $7, then $10. All payments are processed through Alertpay and are instant - really amazing.

Advertising on Buxout

They charge $19.10 for 1000 member visits, which is quite a lot compared to other PTC sites.

That was Buxout review.. Did you like the review? Got anything to add? Leave a comment.


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WHY BUXOUT SHOULD NOT BE A SCAM:(Its jus my opinion)

Many PTCs start out with a huge bang and get a good member base and then become scams suddenly. Te reason for this is most often lack of money or interest or consciencwe, or some ombination of these factors.

For Buxout, one look at the site is enough to show that the site has had a lot of work behind the scenes. So a scammer need not put so much effort to make a site.

Another reason is that the forums are very active and admin and staff are responsive. This indicates an active support system- which is something scammers dont care about.

The financial sustainability of the site is unknown because we dont know the costs of ipgrade and advertising, but it is reasonable to assume that they will be profitable or at least non-lossy.

These indicate that this site is not a scam, at least not anytime soon.

The only thing that could make it a scam, is:
Buxout promises instant payouts. this implies that their Payment processor passwords need to be stored in the database or in the script. If the site gets hacked, then Buxout will collapse, but not a scam, because, the admin will also be at huge loss.

But this scenario is true of any instant paying site including Neobux. This is why Neobux places so much emphasis on security.

Hope nothing of this sort happens with any of these sites!
Happy earning with Buxout!

by coldconfusion